Individual Licenses

Every ECCC racer must have a current USAC Collegiate license, which is good for all seasons throughout the year. If you'll be doing several races you should purchase an annual license, but if you just want to try things out you can also purchase a 1-day license.  

Before getting a license, the school must have a club account with USA Cycling.  Once the application is processed, your riders can start purchasing their individual licenses.

In general, you should purchase an annual if there's any chance you'll do more than a day of racing. Note that 1-day licenses cover exactly that, one day, so you need two to do a full weekend of ECCC racing. It therefore makes sense to buy an annual even if you're just doing two weekends of racing at any point in the year.

Funds from license purchases go to a variety of uses:

Club Licenses

Once a club is recognized by its school, getting the required USA Cycling Collegiate club license is simple and easy:

Once the application is processed, the club should show up on USAC's list of collegiate clubs. Expect this to take a week or so after the form is received. At that point your riders can start purchasing their individual licenses.

Existing clubs can alternatively renew their license online immediately. To do so, any account currently listed as an administrator for the club on can log in and click the "Manage USA Cycling Clubs" link to renew the license. If that link does not appear, the account is not associated with the club as an administrator. Have one of the current administrators designate it as a fellow admin, contact the National Manager to have the account added, or submit the paper form above.

That's it! If you have any questions or problems, contact the Conference Director or National Manager. More information about the process is available on USAC's website.