Changing categories is quick and easy once requirements are met. This page outlines those criteria and process.

Within the beginner categories, riders may self-select their level. Moving into the higher categories requires earning upgrade points, distinct from ECCC season points, or race experience. Riders may also upgrade by having the appropriate non-collegiate category license, as listed on the Categories page and in the USA Cycling Collegiate Policy Document

Upgrades are requested via your account on usacycling.org. In each request, make sure to either include a race resume satisfying the requirements, or note that you hold an eligible non-collegiate license for that category.


ECCC riders may not change categories within a race weekend (extreme cases should consult the conference director or season coordinator on site). They may otherwise upgrade and downgrade as they wish throughout a season provided they meet requirements and the request is approved. Additionally, riders may not downgrade after having scored points in their current category and no downgrades are permitted to Men's D. After a category change request is approved, riders must take their current season number bibs/plates to the conference scoring personnel to exchange for numbers in their new category.

Questions about upgrades should be addressed to the Upgrades Coordinator. More information on mountain upgrades are available on the  USA Cycling Collegiate Policy Document, but is summarized as follows: