Registration & Check-In

After finding a race on the calendar to attend, it's straightforward to sign up and then come on out racing.


All ECCC races provide for both pre-event and day-of registration, including time trials. Riders are responsible for ensuring that they or their team have properly registered and paid for all events beforehand.

Entry Fees

A primary goal of the ECCC is ensuring affordable racing. Registration fees are therefore capped as follows.

Lift tickets are not restricted, but should be at most $35/day; shuttles should be $5 or $10 per day.

Additional charges may apply for online pre-registration (e.g., the BikeReg service charges), or late fees for registering day-of.



Once at the race, checking-in is straightforward. In general, at every race you report to registration to show or purchase your license and pay if not pre-registered. Look for registration somewhere between the parking area and start line; generally it's the small cluster of tents with a crowd around it. Afterward, at your first race of the season you need to also check in with the scoring crew to receive your season numbers. Hold onto these, you will use at every race! To get them you must show your license and have completed the season-long online waiver packet. It's a good idea to give yourself at least an hour before your race will start to get checked-in, get your bike and yourself settled, and warm up a bit.

Road Race Check-In

At ECCC Road Races, a slightly more streamlined process is used. Follow these steps at every race:

Pre-Registered Riders with Annual Licenses.


Day-of-Reg Riders with Annual Licenses.

Pre-Registered Riders Needing a 1-Day License.

Day-of-Reg Riders Needing 1-Day License.

Note that promoters are provided with a workbook cross-referencing results with registration, detecting any riders who have not paid. Similarly, riders will not be able to reuse 1-day numbers as the currently valid range of numbers is tracked and monitored, detecting infractions. Teams are responsible for ensuring that all of their riders are appropriately licensed and registered for every event!

Starting Line

After checking-in and receiving numbers, you're all set! Just show up at the starting line for your race. Officials will take down your number and you'll be ready to go.

Note that unless announced otherwise, ECCC time trials, downhills, and other timed individual races do not use starting lists. Instead, categories are called up in the posted order and riders within that category line up and start in a first come/first served fashion. This approach ensures maximum registration flexibility and the timely execution of these races given the large number of ECCC riders.